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                ag亚游手机客户端医疗自Spherium Biomed引进Mucomel?,治疗放化疗引起的并发症


                ag亚游手机客户端医疗与西班牙公司Spherium Biomed于2019年4月23日达成合作协议,引进Spherium旗下治疗放化疗引起的口腔粘膜炎(SOM)产品—Mucomel?Mucomel?是一款口服口腔黏合剂,通过期POC验证,Mucomel可显著缓解放化疗引起的SOM,并降低发█生率。


                Link Health in-licensed Mucomel?


                  Guangzhou, China; 23 April 2019 - Link Health Pharma Co., Ltd. (“Link Health”) announced today that it has obitained exclusive regional rights for developing and commercialising Mucomel?.


                  Link Health has entered into a license and co-development agreement with Spanish company Spherium Biomed S.L. (“Spherium”) to develop and commercialise Mucomel? in Greater China and South Korea. Spherium is eligble to receive an upfront payment, milestones and low double digit royalties.


                  Mucomel? is a mucoadhesive oral gel under clinical development to prevent and treat oral mucositis in patients receiving radiation therapy. The incidence of oral mucositis is near 100% in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiation therapy, of which 85% are severe.


                   “Head and neck cancer has a high prelevence in Southern China, where Link Health’s headquarter is located. Mucomel? has shown great promise in being a breakthrough therapy to treat oral mucosits in both pre-clinical and clinical studies.” said Yan Song, CEO of Link Health. “We are pleased to partner with Spherium and excited to develop Mucomel? further in China. The clinical studies have been planned to start later this year.”


                About Mucomel?

                  Mucomel? is a topical melatonin gel developed by Spherium, a majority owned company of Ferrer (  It is an oral mucoadhesive product with an excellent safety profile. The completed Phase lla clinical study has shown that Mucomel? significantly reduces the severity of cancer chemoradiotherapy-induced oral mucositis.


                About Spherium Biomed

                  Spherium is a company that develops biomedical innovations from academic sources to accelerate their transition along the value chain and to the market. Mucomel? is based on a patented proprietary high-load gel formulation of melatonin licensed by Spherium from the University of Granada (Spain).


                About Link Health

                  Link Health is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative medicine for unmet medical needs. It has a drug development pipeline of 4 clinical stage assets and 1 under NDA reviewing in China. Headquartered in China, Link Health has an European office in the Netherlands to further strengthen the collaborations with global biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes.



                For further information please contact:

                Alex Wang (王华)  Ph.D

                Deputy General Manager